Friday, December 30, 2011

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Parade...Dance Time!!!

Kilee started dance this last September and as part of their activities she was in the Christmas parade. She was dressed up supper cute and since shes under 5 we sat on the float and sang and waived. Well most did but Kilee was shy until the very end then she wanted to do it again. lol! So we had a cute tutu and her dance hoodie on with some pompom's made by mommy! All in all it was a fun time and I hope we get to be part of it again next year!

Kilee Nicole all dressed up!!

Mommy and Kilee afterwards...

Brooklyn in the wagon and ready to watch the parade...

Brilyn ready to go as well!

One last pic of my sweet Kilee who's growing way to fast!

Tis the Season

Well we are only days away from Christmas and here we are! Ready or not it will be here before we all know it. We are finished with shopping, and everything is wrapped up! This year we really tried to keep the focus on the real reason and not all the business of everything. We bought a few gifts for each kiddo and then for our parents and siblings. I just want our kids to know that it's not about toys, and such but the present of Christ! So everytime we talk about Christmas I tell Kilee it is Jesus's birthday! This is when he was born many, many years ago! So even with that I want her to be excited and have the fun like we did year after year. So we still have santa pics, cookies, reindeer food, gingerbread house presents, and all of the fun stuff as well but still focusing on the real reason! Last night we even had a Happy Birthday Jesus Party and I think this is just awesome for our little ones. Explaining and letting them know he has a birthday just like us but his is so much more important. He would tell the world about God and then he would die, die for our sins so we could be FREE! My goodness this is so amazing and just something I want as our kids foundation for their lifes! So with that being sad I will be posting some Christmas pics of the kids and parties as well!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I need to put a slow motion botton on my little family!!

Here we are and it is July 12th and I haven't blogged in months! Lets just say and have not kept up with this like I had expected and wish there was more time! The kids are doing GREAT! Kilee will be 3 in a month and the babies will turn 1 in two months so lets just say time is flying. I'm trying to enjoy it all and keep all the memories stored in my head of what each one is doing. I'm going to add some here and at least I will have something put down lol! I have tons of pictures and need to add some on here. Since the babies are getting bigger I believe I can sit down and actually do things without them screaming all the time. I just started back working and so this week is total transition and adjusting time! I love my little family and how we are all growing healthy!! Thanks to the Lord for all our blessings!

~Brookly~ Started out so tiny and has come a long ways!
Started eating cereal at 3 months in the bottle but loved it in the bowl better :-)
Eating food at 5 months old and hasn't stopped since (you took some time liking it but now you can out eat your brother and older sister and its so darn cute)
Moved to her own bed at 5 months-February on a cold day!
Went straight to formula at 6 months
Sittin up at 7 months, April 2011
July 1st had her first cinnamon roll (loved it!)
Crawled on July 5, 2011
At 9 months she weighed 18.6 pounds and was finally on the 30 and 40% of the growth chart!!
Sweet girl you have come so far from your 4.11 pounds! Mommy and Daddy love you!!

~Brilyn~ Mommys roudy boy at first but has turned into my little bear!!
You loved to eat!! You would eat 24/7 at first if you could have!
You loved when we added cereal to your bottle around 3 months!
Introducing baby food at 5 months was like candy for you little guy!
You started sleeping in your own bed at 5 months as well. (you liked to roll and I was afraid you would smash your sister)
Started drinking formula only at 6 months!
After many frustraiting falls you caught on and sat up around 7 months mark.
July 1st you shared a cinnamon roll with Brooklyn YUMMY!!
July 12th you can stand to finally be on your belly and starting to push yourself up!! You also love to rock back and forth and get so excited! Also you love standing you would rather do that than work on crawling. You might just skip to walking ;-)
You love to watch tv and your favorite is baby einstein! I thank whoever invited those (BEST)
At 9 months you weighed 20.5 and I totally feel it lol! You are on the charts and getting so big!

~Kilee Cole~
You are such a great big sister! You have helped mommy so much in the past year and you don't even realize it yet! I know being the oldest has its greatness and sometimes theres a load with it. I want you to know you are doing so good and we love you sweet girl! You are my princess and my little singer/dancer lol! As of now you are almost 3 and you LOVE to sing!! You sing "You are so beautiful" "twinkle, twinkle" & "Jesus loves me" those are the most common things we will hear you singing oh along with your A, B, C's lol!! You love eating everything that isn't healthy and will find a way to get it, (grandparents, lol). You always play and try to entertain the babies along with getting stuff to help me. You love Airel, princess anything, swimming, watching cartoons, playing games, oh and coloring! You have changed so much and I see you totally being ms independant! I love watching you grow and seeing you so happy! You are my firstborn and will always hold a special place in mommy's heart!

So those were some updates on wear the kiddos are at now and will try to update with pics and on a more often basis!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I am still here peoples!! I just haven't had time to post on here in a few months. I am trying to get all my pics uploaded and caught up. In the meantime you can keep up with us and our growing family on facebook. Search Holly Rodiger Funk and you should see me there! I hope I can get this all done and share with you more. Here is a pic or so just to let you see how big the babies have gotten! Love to you all!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trip to the Science Museum

Me and my sweet girls...

This was sooo much fun!! LOL!

Jared even gave it a try...

Such a big girl, she loved it :-)

Jared and Kilee

Okay so we ventured out to the science museum with our friends after the babies were about 4 weeks old. They slept through most of it and we had a pretty good time. Kilee had a blast and played until she was just exhausted and slept all the way home. So here are a few pics of hanging out and having a good family day!

Time Flys!!

Megan with Brooklyn and Kilee

Pawps with all 3 of them...

Mema and Brooklyn

Their first trip to the science museum ;-)

Brilyn and Brooklyn

Well I am definitely slacking on my job of updating my blog, but most of you know I'm just busy :-) Anyways the babies are 8 Weeks Old TODAY!! I just can't believe it and I know how fast it will go. I try to always cherish all the little moments and try not to stress about things. So we are all adjusting well to the new life with a set of newborn twins and then of course sweet Kilee! Things can be loud, hectic and just plan crazy but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Jared is gone working alot so we definitely miss him but thankful for his work and ability to support us. So I will make a few post trying to catch you all up of the past couple of weeks as I know the holidays are coming up and I will be busy and it will take me another month to get this month posted lol! Anyways enjoy the readings and pics of our precious family.

Love to all!